Saturday, May 12, 2012

While we were away.....Cooper did play!

Phil & I were at the beach last week....all by ourselves!!! ahhhh!!!! Thankfully, we have wonderful parents who were very willing to love on Cooper all week while we were away.  Cooper spent the first half of the week with Nana & Pop Pop and the second part with Mimi & Papa T! Sorry for the picture quality - they were all cell phone picts that they sent to show us how much fun he was having!!! Yes, we missed our lil fella, but clearly you can see he was in good hands!

breakfast time with Nana
 playing in his lil' kitchen
 grocery with Nana
helping Pop Pop water his plants
getting a treat from Pop Pop
 trying out his new pool
 really trying out his new pool
 swinging at the park with Nana

 looking for the horses at Papa T & Mimi's
 visiting Mimi at school
 chowing down with Papa T
 helping Papa T feed the horses
 letting the horses out with Mimi
 breakfast at Waffle House with Papa T (two days in a row) :)
 on the playground at Mimi's school
 riding Brandy with Mimi
 so....Dad keeps his shoes in the same spot and Cooper apparently noticed. Dad said he went over to where they were sitting and took his shoes off and layed them on top of his! love it!
happy happy boy!

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