Friday, November 16, 2012


Halloween was busier than we anticipated, but we had a great night making our rounds! We started off in our new neighborhood with the mom's dressing up as princesses and celebrating with the kids. One of my friends had a dress I wore for Belle - didn't have time to go all out, but it was fun! Then we headed over to our old neighborhood for our annual group pict and chili night! We made a few rounds there and Cooper was really into trick or treating! However, he thought you ate each piece of candy before going to the next door! ha! After that we headed back to our way and stopped by our friends house the Grants to see Cooper's lil' buddy Anderson. After a long fun night we headed down to see Grandmother - that was her first night in hospice care so we wanted to see her too!
our lil' pumpkin!
 didnt care too much about wearing his head part of the costume
 the boys - all ninjas with Cooper the puppy
 the girls
 the momma princesses!
Amanda and I 
 this was humorous b/c I forgot to change my earrings :/
 the Bentwater crew
 trying to take off his hat
 some of the lil' ones
 all the Timberlands kiddos
 all the cameras!
 our lil' family!
 kisses for daddy!
 the Timberlands mommas
 our trick or treat bowl!
 here we go! Thanks to my friend Hannah she had this extra bag b/c we accidentally left his cute personalized pumpkin at home :(
 asking for candy!
 checking out what he got
 walking to the next house
 eating candy btw doors!
 this might be my favorite of the night - I asked him if I could have a bite and puffy cheeks and all while still chewing he offered me some :)
 running to the next house
 searching for more candy
 this trick or treating thing is great!
 peeping thru the window to see if they are coming
 Cooper with his buddy Anderson
 a fun night with our lil' puppy!

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