Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Fun for 2013!

Happy Halloween! We had a great time celebrating Halloween throughout the month of October...hope your family did as well! 

lil' Halloween shirt he wore to school on Thursday
 helping Daddy carve the pumpkin

 Lil' cow for Trick or Treat Street at his school
 with his buddies Evan and Owen
 our lil' train conductor!
 with his buddies Turner and Anderson!
 with Mimi and Papa T before they headed to their Halloween party
 excited about trick or treating!
 family shot!

 lil' Emerson
 all the girls!
 all the boys - Cooper trying to hike the ball like Samuel
 all the kiddos

So....7 months pregnant I was Santa and all the neighbor girls were my reindeer!!!  
 Amanda and I

 our candy bowl! 
 Cooper's trick or treat bucket
 our candy set up - complete with trees, Santa, lights, and reindeer! Thankfully my reindeer handed out candy while Santa trick or treated with Cooper!
 ready to roll! 
 definitely excited about trick or treating this year!

 checking out his candy

 Happy Halloween 2013!!!

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  1. I love the Santa & Reindeer costumes - very creative and cute!