Saturday, January 25, 2014

A family of 4!

Carter is 2 weeks old (as of yesterday)! We are making the transition to a family of 4 and doing well. We've been blessed with wonderful support from family and friends that have helped make it a smooth process. Cooper is doing well and is so proud of his lil' brother. Carter is a sweet lil' baby so far. We had his 2 week appt yesterday and he is now 8lb 11oz (he was 8.1 at birth)! We are staying close to home with the weather being so cold and right in the middle of flu season. We are functioning on lil' sleep and taking naps when we can. Carter is consistently eating every 3 hrs during the day and 4/4.5 at night. Here are picts from our 1st two weeks with Carter here! Enjoy!
getting ready to leave the hospital
 time to head home
 almost time to leave
 in his car seat for the first time
 welcome home!!!
 our sweet neighbors ready to meet Carter! Thankfully it was a beautiful day when we came home so we were able to stand outside for some fresh air for a lil' bit!
 enough picts - ready to rest!
 sweet neighbors!
 adjusting to life at home!
 Lucy checking out this new lil' guy
 wanting to hold his lil' brother
 nap time
 nap time on mommy!
 my 3 favorite boys!
 nap time in the swing
 Nana & Pop Pop's 4 grandchildren - 1st photo of all 4 of them together! 
 sweet Ashley holding her new cousin! 
 Ian holding Carter for the first time
 checking on his lil brother
 Brent & Chi visiting and meeting Carter
 Carter loves holding his hands like this - love it! 
 a visit from the Tate's! Elena and Olivia did a great job loving on Carter and playing with Cooper
 not happy!
 Our 1st walk - believe it or not we did have a day of 60+ weather (don't let it fool you - the next day the high was only 28! So we covered lil' Carter up and went for a stroll - and by stroll I mean one street over to let Cooper see our friends house that was getting a new roof :) fresh air did us all good! 
 ready to roll!
 passed out
 ready to go momma!
 and our 1st bath at 13 days old! 
 he did great - didn't seem to mind at all!

 daddy cleaning off his back
 help from big brother
 ready to get warm again

 please put clothes on me!  

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  1. Congratulations guys. He is beautiful. Gives me the baby blues. Glad you all are doing well.