Saturday, January 11, 2014

Carter has arrived!!!

Carter has arrived! We are officially a family of 4! God is good! 
I started having contractions around 2:30pm Thursday afternoon....mild and about 30-45 min apart. By 5:30pm they were about 20min apart. We enjoyed one last yummy dinner as a family of 3 and prepared for a long night. We put Cooper to bed around 8 and by this point contractions were about 10-15 min apart. My parents came over to stay with Cooper and by 10pm contractions had moved to every 5 min. We called the doctors office and told them we were going to head that way soon. Phil & I left our house about 10:15 and in the car contractions were about 3-4 min apart! We arrived at the hospital around 11pm and were admitted. When the nurse checked me I was 6 cm! Needless to say I labored at home longer than I realized.We called both our mom's and told them to head this way. Thankfully it was the middle of the night and there wasn't much traffic because it all happened pretty quick! I got an epidural at midnight and was about 7.5cm at this point. By 12:30 I had progressed to 8cm and was 100%. At 12:55 my water broke and at 1:10 I was at 10cm. We waited briefly for Dr. Pitcher to arrive so I could start pushing. I started pushing at 1:37 and he arrived at 1:51!!! Everything went very smooth and quick! Both our mom's were in the waiting room anxious to meet their newest grandson. Cooper came the next morning to meet his lil brother! 
A few fun lil facts - My birthday is Aug 10th, Cooper's is Oct 10th and Carter's is Jan 10th! Both boys were 9 days early and now have the same initials! We are overjoyed and our hearts are full! 
Thank you to all our sweet family and friends who have poured out prayers, love, support and encouraging words as we welcome Carter!  

Carter Reece Hankinson
8lbs 1oz, 19.5" long
January 10, 2014  

our lil family of 4
 our first photo together with Carter - proud parents!
 us with our wonderful doc! Dr. Pitcher! 
 us with our sweet labor and delivery nurse - Joy 
(who happens to live in our neighborhood and we know several mutual friends) 
Nana & Mimi meeting Carter
 our newest lil' love! 
 Big Brother Cooper coming in to meet Carter for the first time
 seeing Carter for the first time! Pure joy!
 loving this moment!
 Cooper was so very proud!
 my two boys!!! ahhh! 
 with my sweet boy/big brother - still hard to believe! 
 holding his lil' brother
 Mimi & Papa T with two of their grandsons! 
Nana & Pop Pop with their newest addition
 big hug for baby Carter
 proud grandparents 
 couldn't resist his lil' foot sticking out of the blanket
 so happy! 
 loving skin to skin time
 sleepy time
 many of you have asked if Carter looks like Cooper did - here ya go! 


  1. PERFECTION!! This made me tear-up a little bit!! :) So very happy for you!! What a blessing!! xoxo