Friday, April 4, 2014

Carly & baby McCoy visit!!!

Pretty sure this is my biggest blog post to date! Too many special moments to not share from Carly & McCoy being in town! Many of you know Carly and I were pregnant at the same time and due just a month apart. Exciting - of course! However, we were unable to be there for the birth of our sweet boys so when they came in town a few weeks ago it was the first time we were able to hold our nephews in person! :) Thank goodness for face time and pictures, but in person is waaaaaaay better! We spent every moment together and enjoyed our new lil' ones with family and friends! Counting down the days til' we're together again! 
First time holding our new nephews
 first time with both lil ones together

 play time
 Cooper meeting baby McCoy for the first time
 giving his cousin some love!
 all three grandsons!!!

 sweet sweet boy!
 Cooper entertaining the babes
 One proud Papa T with his 3 grandsons!
 a great momma with her precious boy!
 Uncle Phil meeting his new nephew for the first time

 bath time

 visiting with Carly's sweet friend Kimmie
 Sweet Mimi with her three grandsons and loving every minute of snuggle time with these boys!
 play time

 laughing at the fan with Mimi
 time for an adventure! 

 tummy time
 just hanging out
 loving the fan!

 Proud grandparents
 Aunt Carly with baby Carter

 Carly/McCoy with one of her dear friends Leslie and her new baby girl Ella - about a week apart
 big boy Cooper!!!
 Daddy with his boys!
 certainly not our best picture, but real! Every morning just hanging out after our first feedings for the day!
 nap time
 nap time
 "Auntie" Craig came to love on the boys 
 checking each other out
 happy happy boy!
 Daddy & Carter
 my most favorite picture with my precious nephew! 
 taking it all in
 fun with Papa T
 bath time for the boys

 Cooper giving us a concert
 McCoy with Nana
 we couldn't resist - matching outfits at least once while they were together :)

 time for a walk
 snoozin in the double stroller
 loved some fresh air

 watching our sleeping babes
 visit with Jane! 

 Cason loving on McCoy
 Cooper got to play with Cason's son, Cope
 Phil strongly disapproves of this outfit btw :0
 McCoy and Aunt Sarah
 Cousin Hillary and baby McCoy
showing off his cute outfit

 smiling with Aunt Faye
 visiting with Aunt Faye and Uncle Larry

 my sweet boys! 

 hanging out with Aunt Irene
 and my new favorite pict with my littlest love!!!! 

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  1. I loved all these pictures!!!!! So happy for all of you and can't wait to one day see your boys in person. I know your mom is just in heaven! Love, Amy