Tuesday, April 29, 2014


What a beautiful day it was on Easter Sunday to celebrate that He is ALIVE!!! We had a great day going to church, eating a yummy meal, hunting for eggs, enjoying Easter baskets and spending time with family! I must add that it was the first big holiday that I was able to match/coordinate the boys!
I enjoyed every second of that. :) 

our lil family of 4!

 mom's Easter table
 place setting for Cooper

 waving to the Easter bunny

 hunting for eggs

 riding around with cousin Levi
 trying out his new sunglasses from Mimi and Papa T
 loving his new digger shirt
 and trying out his new glove!
table setting at his Easter party at school

 his lil class reading with Ms. Lisa before the egg hunt
 trying to see where the eggs are 
 egg hunt time

 rice krispy with peeps!
 sweet Maddie
 Finn and Cooper

 good buddies - Cooper, Evan and Finn

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