Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Not sure how I've gotten so behind on blog posting, but figured I'd share Easter picts! We went to several local egg hunts, had a sweet celebration at Cooper's school and spend Easter Sunday with my parents and extended family! This first pict captures our life with 2 fun boys quite well! 

 if you look closely at this pict  you'll see Carly and I in our Easter bonnets as lil' girls! Mom had it set out as part of her Easter decor for the egg hunt! 

 Egg hunt with Emerson

 treats from the Easter bunny!

 Cooper's class egg hunt

 his awesome teachers put each child's name on 12 eggs and they had to find "their" eggs. Not only did it allow the hunt to last a lil' longer, but helped the kids recognize their name too! loved this idea!
 Cooper and Evan
 Finn & Cooper

 Cooper & Madeline
 look at all this cuteness - we had the best parents!!!!

 4 of my sweet friends with our babes! We were all pregnant at the same time and now our kids our in preschool together!

and Cooper having fun dying and painting eggs!

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