Friday, June 12, 2015

Mother's Day & Dad's Birthday

Year two of being a mother to two fun loving boys! Never a dull moments...lots of love, laughter, tears, and many blessings! These two bring more joy to Phil and I than we could have ever imagined. Being a mother is quite possibly the hardest job on the planet and the most rewarding. So thankful I have Phil by my side to parent/mother Cooper & Carter! On top of being a mother, I'm surrounded by amazing mommy friends to support, encourage and pray for one another. We also have two incredible mom's to look up to and that are a tremendous help with the boy's! God is so good! 

Sunday morning at church

 Mother's day dinner with the Hankinson crew

 Mother's date night for Amanda & I!
 a fine group of friends/mommies that I'm thankful to do life with!
 Celebrating 68 years of this awesome daddy!!! Birthday Dinner and homemade ice cream at their house! 

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