Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Family lovin' for lil' Cooper

A super special thanks to all our friends who have contacted us over the last few days and sent their best wishes for our new addition. I was just telling Cori tonight that I can't believe how perfectly God has answered all our prayers for little Cooper over the last 9 months or so.
We got to bring Cooper home Tuesday afternoon and all the family got to visit with him and share in a family dinner. We have received a few requests for more pictures of the little guy so we figured we would share some of Cooper and his favorite people.
Enjoy! Phil and Cori and Cooper (and Lucy).
Our family of 4! Lucy likes smelling Cooper - she's very curious.
leaving the hospital - headed HOME SWEET HOME!
leaving the hospital
Daddy loving on lil' Cooper
Papa T & Mimi meeting Cooper
(we think that's what they will be called) not 100% yet :)
Proud Aunt Carly
PopPop & Nana meeting Cooper
Cousin Ian & Cooper
Cousin Ashley & Cooper
Uncle Steve & Cooper

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  1. sweet pictures & post!!!! have i told y'all that I love love love that have your own sweet baby to hold now????? well, I do :)