Friday, October 8, 2010

Neighborhood Couple's Shower

And last but not from our fabulous neighborhood couples shower!!! We were asked to wear turquoise, brown or white - not really knowing what to expect......we showed up and were welcomed by the hostess with a plaid tie for Phil along with plaid for me to wrap around my waist and a flower pin! We quickly noticed all the guys in white with plaid ties and the ladies with plaid on as well! SIMPLY FABULOUS!!!! A HUGE kudos to Rob (one of our neighbors) that outdid himself on the food. Prepare yourself for pictures of the amazing food selection along with the creative names he came up with. Everything about the shower was great! More great gifts, fabulous decor and details, and genuine friendships!
Dr. update - 1 cm and 90% effaced as of today. If he doesn't arrive sometime this weekend we're scheduled to be induced Monday morning!!! Either way we're meeting Mr. Cooper SOON!!!!! Will be sure to update with news and pictures asap!
Adorable invite.....
The FABULOUS Host & Hostess
all the hostess in our plaid :) LOVE IT!
The fellas - what great attire huh?!
decorations on the mantle (socks, burb cloth, onesie and rattle)
precious outfits and bibs for Cooper
super diaper cake complete with necessities and books the host gave us in place of cards
(love that idea)
"Finding Nemo" Ceviche
"Newborn" Smoked Salmon Pizzetes
"Ring Around the Rosie" Shrimp Cocktail
"Baby Cooper" Steak Bites
"Nursery" BLT's & "Green Eggs & Ham"
"Peppermint Patty" Cupcakes
"British Baby" Meat Pies
"Newborn Prosciutto & Tomato Basil"
our fabulous diaper stacker!

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  1. This shower looks PERFECT for y'all! MONDAY MORNING?!?!?! So excited!!!