Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cooper takes a seat.....

In the bumbo that is........Cooper's time in the bumbo is entertaining to say the least! We put him in the bumbo for the first time when he was about 2 months old.....not quite ready to be by himself, but with a lil' neck/head support he was pretty good at just hangin' out. Now, he can sit up like a big boy and take it all in. He's occasionally a lil' wobbly, but overall seems to enjoy it. Here are some picts of his time in the bumbo thus far......

"I'm suppose to do what with this?"
"I'm looking at it now....did you take the picture?"
"It makes noise when I shake it!"
"Don't worry mommy, while you cook, I'll just sit here."
"Okay, maybe not....I think I'd rather eat."
"Hellooooo....did someone forget about me in this thing?"
"Wow, this is different, I'm actually sitting up."
"I might need a lil' help for now though."
and of course our all time favorite bumbo picture yet......


  1. I had never heard of a Bumbo seat until recently. I think some of these pictures should be sent in for advertising.

    p.s. Does Phil or Cori come up with the captions for the pictures?! just curious :)