Sunday, January 23, 2011

Winter Weather

This winter weather wasn't just a few was A LOT of snow! Between the snow and ice we were out of school for an ENTIRE week! Which sounds fabulous until they tell you we are no longer going to have our winter break in Feb. :( Regardless, we had a great week at home staying warm, taking naps, sitting by the fire, sipping on hot coco/cider, sledding and relaxing! Here are a few picts of the "Winter Storm 2011" (as they called it on the news)
PS - Promise us you won't call DFCS when you see what we did with pictures of Cooper in the snow.....I think it's safe to say he wasn't excited about it like we were (we'll give it a few years) :)

my cool winter pj's
cuddlin' with daddy by the fire
yes, we put Cooper in the bumbo chair and sat him in the middle of our driveway :0
"Seriously yall, it's just we have to make a big deal about this?"
(Please don't notify Family & Children Services.)
"Enough mom and dad.....this is NOT fun."
"yeah, yeah, family photo.....can you please just take me inside so I can get warm."
cuddlin' with mommy
Phil sledding.......I'm going to blame the out of focus picture on his lighting speed on the sled
the guys walking up the hill to go sledding
If you haven't been to our house we have a MASSIVE hill we live on.
We went sledding and it was AWESOME!
I probably should've worn a helmet (seriously) We were flying down the hill.
the girls before we were going to sled


  1. Poor Cooper :( Hope he still likes his Bumbo seat after what you guys did to him...LOL

  2. Love the winter welcome sign.
    Love the snowman pj's.
    Love the matching Mama + Cooper hats.
    Love Phil sledding. (he is intense!)
    But seriously I love love love love the one of him crying in the snow.
    so flippin' hilarious! I will not turn you in to Child Protective Services, but I should enter you in a funniest photo contest!!!