Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Holiday Happenings with the Hankinson's

Whew.......a jammed packed holiday season with a 2.5 month old.....we survived! We enjoyed our time with family and friends and of course showing off our lil' love! Cooper either slept or ate through most of the events, but all in all it's safe to say he had a great 1st Christmas!

On another note..... We're in the middle of an adjustment for all 3 of us..... mommy back to work. I started back on Monday and Phil has been Daddy Day Caring..... on Phil's day's off he is with Cooper and on the days that both of us work (1-2 days a week) Nana, (Phil's mom) and Papa T (my dad) are taking turns taking care of lil' Coop. He's done great the past 3 days which makes for a happy mommy during my time away. It's certainly tough missing 8+hrs of his day, but I'm so thankful he's at home and with family. Not to mention that my staff is very encouraging - our other counselor even brought me flowers on my 1st day back! ahhhh! Thank you so very much to my friends and family that have been praying for us during this transition - much appreciated and definitely felt!
Lots of pictures to share from the holidays! More to come soon - visiting daddy at the fire station, playing around the house and next week will be 3 month picts!!!
Happy New Year and may the Lord bless you and your family during 2011!

A white cool!

our family of 4 on Christmas day

I promise he likes his gift - we were tired at this point :0
Merry Christmas from Cooper!
This was taken Christmas morning at my parents
Checkin' out all the presents Santa left

Stockings at my parents - Coopers is in the middle!
His awesome gift from Mimi & Papa T
A toy box to go in his nursery that they repainted and covered for all his new toys
Cooper with Great Grandmother
Aunt Carly and Ty.....loved having them here for the holidays
We miss yall so very much already!
The picts below are from Christmas Eve morning breakfast with Leslie, Blaire and our mom's
2 new additions this year: Andee and Cooper

These picts are from our Bunco Brunch.
Yes, that's right we got together to play bunco, eat brunch and exchange ornaments!
The kiddos - Cooper, Mallory, Stella and Taylor
love Taylor's expression in this pict
Me & Cooper with Ashley & Stella
Just chillin'
Hangin' with Daddy Love this lil' smirk on Cooper's face Bustin' a move
This picture is of my cousin Connie with her lil' boy Levi
We were meeting each other's boys for the 1st time
Cooper and Levi are 18 days apart Visiting Santa
I can't say it's the best photo ever, but when your 2 month old doesn't even know who Santa is you go with what you got! Pretty good Santa if you ask me - for FREE! Yes, that's right - Santa is at the Avenue each Wed. before Christmas and you can take your own pictures. It was cold this day so he was inside Barnes & Noble - can you tell from the background :0 Anyways - Cooper was sound asleep and yes, the crazy parents that we are (I guess I should take the blame for that one) so, yes I got him out of his car seat to take a picture with Santa. Forgot to zip his cute lil' vest, but needless to say we have Cooper's 1st picture with Santa.
This group of lovely ladies are dear friends of mine!
Each year we go to Maggiano's for the most delicious dinner and ornament exchange. A few of our neighbors got together for a Tacky Sweater Christmas party and fondue
here are the ladies
and our tacky hubby's

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  1. So fun Cori! I especially love the picture of you and Cooper by the Christmas tree. So cute!

    I hope you are having a great week back. I am sure it is a big adjustment. I will continue to pray that it goes well and that spring break and summer come FAST!

    Cooper is so, so sweet!