Friday, September 27, 2013

10 years ago...

10 years ago today two of our best friends got married -- Kevin & Amber Price! Happy 10 years sweet friends! We are so thankful for you both and the example of a healthy happy marriage you have shown us. Selfishly, we're thankful for the night 10 years ago you got married and we met each other! Thankful that our mom's were so excited that they interrupted your honeymoon with a phone call to share the news that Phil and I were going on a date. ha!   
Thankful that 10 years ago today Phil and I were introduced by our high school art teacher Ms. Wierengo! We enjoyed a fabulous night celebrating our friends and by the end of the reception Phil asked for my #. Little did I know that night would lead to 3 years of dating, saying yes to a proposal, getting married, becoming parents and sharing a lifetime of growing old together! 
The photo below was ironically taken by the photographer as we were being introduced. Needless to say we're thankful this night happened 10  years ago!    

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