Monday, September 9, 2013

31 & 36!!!

Almost a month later here I am posting about our birthday fun, but better late then never! August 10th I turned 31 and ten days later Phil turned 36! Needless to say, the month of August is an enjoyable month for us to celebrate and be thankful for another year blessed! 

my birthday - afternoon at the pool!
The snow cone man came by the pool - must have known it was my birthday! looooove snow cones!
practicing swimming!
lunch time!
the morning of my birthday Elizabeth and Brianne went with me to get mani/pedis!
A few days prior to my birthday all the girls on my street treated me to birthday lunch at LaParilla! 
The night of my birthday we went to Henry's in Acworth with Amanda and Tyson to celebrate!

us with Henry the Chef!
Celebrating with my family!

sooooo excited about this advent calendar that my sister MADE for me!!! 

celebrating Phil's birthday with both our families
Phil with his favorite dessert his mom makes! (ice cream pie)
blowing out the candles!
Birthday boy with Ian, Ashley and Cooper
Cooper helping making birthday cupcakes for daddy!
helping daddy open presents
trying out mommy's birthday banana pudding!!!
getting good at opening birthday presents
excited about his ipad we finally replaced from leaving it on the plane 2 years ago :( 

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