Saturday, September 21, 2013

Carly's Baby Shower in the Mtns

A few weeks ago our Aunt Faye and several of mom's good friends hosted a baby shower for Carly in the mountains with mom's side of the family! We had a great time celebrating lil' baby Myhre! Cooper loved riding his gator and playing outside while we were there for the weekend. Here's a few picts from both!  

Mom and Dad surprised him with a two seater gator - will be perfect with 3 grandsons! 

 loving on his Papa T

 cool cake huh?!
 Gail, Brenda & Aunt Faye - hosting for Carly
 blanket our Aunt Tricia made for Carly
 more cousins with Aunt Tricia
 Kelly & Betty
 us with Aunt Faye and Sabrina

 Dad and Carly

 excuse Cooper being silly
 Cooper cropped out - ha!

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