Sunday, March 13, 2011

5 months old!!!

5 months...Cooper likes blowing raspberries, giggling, making sounds, grabbing anything and putting it in his mouth, holding onto his feet, drooling, standing up, eating and sleeping! That's pretty much what our days consist of at 5 months. We're loving the warm weather and really enjoyed our time outside this weekend!
Double the fun for this post - we've included 5 month picts AND a video! YAHOO!!! ENJOY!

WHOO HOOO....I'm 5 months!
sitting up all by myself - not for long though

Daddy really likes blowing in my face and I'm not sure why?!

standing up with daddy's help


  1. Happy 5 Months of Cooper! He's too cute : )

    I love looking at these. I can't believe he is only 3 months older than Brant. I've got a lot of cuteness to look forward to!

  2. I think as each month passes I love him even more.