Saturday, March 5, 2011

Little things we love

The little things. The little things make us smile as parents....of course the big things do too, but today I can't help but reflect on the little things.
I went to a funeral today for one of my students. A 12 year old. A 12 year old that was full of life and had such a sweet spirit. A 12 year old that fought such a strong fight to beat cancer. Some might say the cancer won or we can say she won! She is cancer free and walking the streets of gold with Jesus! Today we truly celebrated her life and those that she touched in her short 12 years. My prayers are with this sweet family and I ask that you add them to your prayer list as well. That the days ahead bring peace to their family and comfort when they need to most after losing their baby girl.
I couldn't help but think of Cooper and our time together thus far. So today I focus on the little things. As I think about taking pictures, I often worry about things looking just right....does the house look messy, how do I look, is he in a cute outfit or still in his pj's, is he looking at the camera, today I will begin taking pictures of the little things he does; his funny habits and the little things that make up our everyday and the things we want to remember about our lil Cooper.....even if everything isn't perfect.
After I feed him and burp him he always rest his head on my shoulder and nuzzles in for a lil' snuggle. I'm sure plenty of babies do this, however for us it's a special moment that I have to soak in with my son and certaintly something I want to remember! So is our little thing...