Sunday, March 27, 2011

Another cute outfit = more pictures!

Cooper was just hanging out and I started snapping a few picts, but then I thought the outfit was soooo adorable that I wanted to stand him up and take some pictures. Daddy thought it would be fun to see if he could stand up all by himself......Cooper disagreed. *
this is fun!!!

hanging out with my Mimi - I can handle this "You want me to do this by myself......ummmmm"
"Okay, I'll give it my best plie stance, toes and all."
"Okay, dad, I think I need a lil help here"
"Thanks a didn't have to take a picture of that mom."
"This sitting thing I can do......I'm much better now!"

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  1. This is hands down my favorite blog post to date. The plie stance is hilarious--I literally laughed out loud for 10 straight minutes. That outfit is pretty stinkin cute. I wish I looked that cute in overalls!

    He is literally so cute I can't even stand it.