Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jump, Jump, Jump Around....

Cooper got a new toy! Well, not really new - we've had it for awhile, but he's almost big enough to play with it now. As you will see from the pictures he's not quite ready, but we had fun trying! We put this jumparoo thingy on the frame between our dining room and living room. Yes, we could have adjusted it, but we were entertained with putting pillows underneath him so he could reach. We finally got smart and just put the ottoman underneath which was even funnier to see, but we didn't take any picts of that. He was very curious with the toys attached and the mirror was a hit! Happy jumping!

1 comment:

  1. Dear Coop,

    You baby blues are killin' me. I want those PJ's like real bad. Do you think they make them in my size? I think it's pretty funny you have to stand on two pillows to be able to play in your new contraption. And because of the title of this blog I know have the scene from Ms. Doubtfire plus that song stuck in my head. Tell your Mama thanks for that. Laugh out loud. :)

    Love Always,
    Auntie Carly