Sunday, November 7, 2010

Halloween fun!

Cooper's 1st Halloween was full of festivities and cute outfits! We had a couple's Halloween costume baby shower on Friday night and neighborhood trick or treating on Saturday night. We enjoyed time with friends and family and of course showing off our lil' pumpkin! Enjoy pictures below! Check back soon for pictures of his first bath and pumpkin patch!
PS - If you didn't read the last post please do and know that I'm so thankful for a supportive, loving and encouraging best friend, husband and now proud daddy! Believe me when I say I would not have made it through the past few weeks without all of Phil's help.

Our lil' cowboy

the costume couples baby shower
us at the neighbor Halloween bonfire

His skeleton costume glows in the dark!
wide eyed Cooper
ALL the neighborhood kiddos in their costumes
all the parents taking pictures

lil' guy was very hungry at this point

the things we do to our children for a picture
"You told me to look scary, right?"
Phil's handy work at carving our pumpkin
What a blessing it is to have true friends!!! When you have best friends that live in another state you can't help but get excited when they are in town. It's even better when they SURPRISE you!!!! This could not have come at a better time. It had been an extremely long night and I was exhausted. I was sitting downstairs holding Cooper when I noticed a truck pull up. I see Blaire get out and wasn't sure who was with her. Then I noticed it was lil' Andee and Leslie too! Needless to say I was thrilled and overwhelmed with joy! I'm so thankful for these two girls and was so happy to have them meet lil' Cooper. We were able to spend time together and love on our lil' ones. Here are a few pictures from our time together. Thank you both for making the effort to be here and for always loving me so well!
Andee, me, Blaire, Les and Cooper

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  1. I can already tell that Coop is going to have a crush on Andee.

    Cooper and Andee sittin' in a tree.......