Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our lil' pumpkin at the patch

We were excited that Cooper arrived in time to celebrate Halloween and enjoy a trip to the pumpkin patch. He was a wee 6 days old when we took him to the patch to pick out our pumpkin and take some pictures!!!! As you can tell he did great!
As you might have figured out, these photos were kept under wraps until birth announcements were sent out. Special thanks to Due West United Methodist for letting us take over the patch for our photo shoot.

Didn't know they made wagons that small.

Hanging out with my Auntie Carly.

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  1. I mean for reals that is down right the cutest little pumpkin I have ever seen in my whole life. I am so proud to be his Auntie!!

    Plus, in like 16 years I can taunt him with this picture! Say look what your Mama and Daddy made you wear--hehehe!!! Just kiddin' :) :)