Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Where Cooper likes to......

Sit, lay, hang out and snooze! Cooper likes to chill in several places around the house. Pictures below show a few of his favorites! Enjoy!
on the swing with mommy
chillin' with Lucy
in the baby bjorn headed on a walk
workin' on fillin' his pants
playing with his rattle

swaddled up....baby burrito

hanging out in his bouncy seat

really warm in his car seat

staying cozy in his car seat

sleeping like a big boy in his crib since 4 weeks!

hanging out on his play mat

hangin' with daddy and Lucy

sooooo tired

snoozin' in the pack n play

snoozin' in the swing

snoozin' on daddy's lap

snoozin' with daddy


  1. he just gets cuter! can't wait to squeeze that baby next sunday night!

  2. Definitely think the 1st one of you and him should be framed for your office at school!!!

    p.s. Coop is the cutest burrito.

  3. p.s.s. Does Phil have on a Snuggie?

    Just curious.