Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ONE month new!!!

We have a ONE month new lil' baby!!! Cooper is growing quickly and adjusting to life with us (or us with him...hmmm). We found these stickers on (if you aren't familiar with the site.......plan on spending hours on's fabulous). Anyways, you'll be seeing these photos each month as Cooper continues to grow and change. ENJOY!

what mom.....more pictures?

he's a big fan of waving and moving his hands around....can you tell?
alright mom, I'm over this, can you stop taking picts please?


  1. SUPER cute :) He looks so big much bigger than just a few days again when I saw him! Um yea, what's the seller's name on etsy that you got these from?? they're too cute & I want some :)

  2. he is just SO, SO precious! cannot even believe he's a month old already :) LOVE the plaid stickers too, so you!

  3. Happy First Month Cooper!!! He is so cute Cori : )

  4. That last picture has got some attitude behind it..."For real Mama get that camera outta my face...!!!" Hehehe