Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Beach time - 4 of 5

AHHHHH! The BEACH!!! In this season of our life our time at the beach most days was short and sweet due to nap times. For those that have babies that will sleep on the beach that's awesome.......Cooper - not so much - too many things going on to look at. Anyways - Cooper, Madeline, Elisabeth & I usually headed down to the beach to hang out with the others and for lunch. We fed the babies in the bumbo under our tents, played in the ocean, fed the birds, got sandy then headed back to the house for naps.

ready for the beach

Mallory ready to help Phil yolo board
lil' beach buddies

"Enough of the pictures, please!"

calm enough to be in the ocean with the float

the cool tent that PopPop bought for Cooper

loving beach time

Mallory at the beach

Taylor at the beach

Phil & Molly feeding the birds

Elisabeth & I at the beach


family time

trying out the ocean with daddy


lunch time for Molly

Brad & Phil with the babes

and last but not least......we're not proud of it, but it's too funny to not share.

We decided this is Cooper's response when we told him it was time to go home.


  1. Great pics Cori!! I love the one of Madeline and Cooper with their serious faces...not to mention the gesture picture there at the end. Too funny!!

  2. Thanks for everything