Thursday, July 28, 2011

Charlotte visit

Cooper & I had a great trip to Charlotte catching up with old friends, celebrating a lil' baby on the way and hanging out! Unfortunately, we didn't get to see everyone we would have liked, but we'll be back again soon hopefully! Enjoy a few picts from our time in NC!

Lauren & Payton + me & Cooper
(Payton loooooooved baby Cooper)
Good thing - she has a baby brother or sister on the way very very soon and got lots of practice this past weekend being the big sister.

Caroline, Martha, Lauren & me.
We hosted a small diapers & dessert shower for Lauren

I made chocolate eclairs in a jar for the baby shower.
Clearly, I was proud of them if I'm showing you all. :)
They were easier than I thought and the perfect size!

Payton & Cooper playing

Jones & Cooper
His daddy John and I were good friends in college.
His mom Lauren has been a tremendous help with ideas for making our baby food.

This picture is so special to me!
Meg got my name off the Queens babysitters list in 2001.
I started babysitting Alex when she was 6 mo. old. 2 years later Steele came along and I babysat them all through college. They were in our wedding and are such a dear family to us. They are now 9 & 11 yrs old and holding lil' Cooper! Time flies huh?!

This pict is me, Tasha & Angela with our lil' ones.
We were Chi O's at Queens and share lots of fun memories from our time together!

Cooper, McKenzie & Brett


  1. Love these! Cooper's first road trip to Charlotte!!! :) You and your college buddies look like you have not aged a day--hot mama's!!!!! Holy cow did Steele and Alex grow up..omg. Love that picture!

    p.s. seriously those eclairs look flippin' amazing. i want to eat them right off the screen. yum.

  2. I want an eclair cup! They look so good! Please please post the recipe or email to me!!

  3. Cori, I love seeing all of the Queens girls together again :) Time does fly!